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  • Anesthesia and Patient Monitoring

    Anesthesia and patient monitoring varies greatly among clinics. When you choose your veterinarian, be sure to question the types of anesthetics used and the protocols for monitoring anesthesia. Often the more expensive anesthetics are safer to use; however, anesthetics are…

  • Avian Medicine and Surgery

    We advise yearly visits to the veterinarian for your avian pet. During their yearly check up, we will perform a complete examination, include your bird’s beak, nails, feathers, and a parasite check. Some birds require more frequent examinations. Note: a…

  • Breeding Services

  • Exotic Pet Medicine and Surgery

    We are pleased to offer you veterinary services for rabbits, ferrets, guines pigs, hamsters and other small, but important, pets.

  • Grooming

    We are able to offer grooming services and medicinal skin care for our client's pets at our clinic.

  • Health Screening Tests

  • Medical Services

    Our friendly, knowledgeable staff combined with our fully equipped facilities allows us to deal with a variety of medical conditions your pet may experience throughout his or her lifetime. We are able to offer a complete array of diagnostic tests…

  • Nutritional Counseling

    If your adult dog or cat is healthy, you may have chosen a pet food based simply on whether or not your pet will eat it. Cost may also play a factor in your decision. However, not all pet foods…

  • Preventive Services

    A simple way you can help keep your pet healthy is by protecting him or her against parasites. Heartworms, fleas, ticks, and other internal and external parasites are much more than just pests; they can cause life-threatening conditions in your…

  • Surgical Services

    We provide many surgical services at our clinic including spay and neuters, soft-tissue surgeries, cruciate ligament repairs, and orthopedic surgeries.

  • Wellness and Vaccination Programs

    Our wellness and vaccination programs are designed to promote disease prevention and to help ensure your pet lives a long and happy life with your family. Following a full physical examination and discussion regarding the activities and lifestyle of your…