In the Community

Our team is proud to provide veterinary care to the Oakville Milton Humane Society and other local rescue organizations as a way to support and give back to our community. We are involved in making sure new rescue animals are healthy and ready for their forever homes, performing initial examinations, vaccines, spays and neuters and dentistry’s. We also provide more advanced care to rescues in need, including orthopedic surgery for fractures and cruciate ligament repairs and intensive care for sick animals including diabetics, burn victims and animals with kidney and urinary disease. We find it extremely rewarding to help pets who might otherwise not have a second chance at life and we are privileged to work with the following organizations:

Labrador Retriever Adoption Service:

Oakville Milton Humane Society:

In addition to providing medical services, our team is also involved in local educational and fundraising initiatives for animals including Kindness Club, the annual Oakville Labrapalooza and Cause 4 Canines.

Our Success Stories  

Meet Ralphie! 








Ralphie was found as a stray and came to our clinic needing treatment following second degree burns on his feet and abdomen (Please be advised that the images below contain graphic content, viewer discretion is advised). It was suspected that he may have been taking refuge under the hood of a car to stay warm in the winter and suffered the burns as a result of the heat of the engine.

He was so brave throughout the course of his treatment, which involved daily bandage changes, antibiotics and pain medication. With time and lots of TLC from staff, his wounds completely healed. Check out the progression of his healing!


This photo shows the initial extent of his burns

After two weeks his burns were slowly decreasing in size and new healthy tissue was present

After 6 weeks the burns were almost completely healed

After 8 weeks, his wounds had healed and he was adopted into his forever home!

Meet Boomer! 

Boomer is a young chocolate Labrador retriever who suffers from both food and environmental allergies. When we first met him he was extraordinarily itchy and had severe bacterial and yeast skin infections. He had begun to lose his fur and his skin became thickened because he was scratching so intensely. We addressed his food allergies by putting him on a hypoallergenic diet and treated his skin infections and within 8 weeks he was looking like a completely different dog. With maintenance care his allergies have been well controlled and he was adopted to his forever home.


Boomer prior to treatment

Boomer prior to treatment

Boomer once his treatment was complete