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Ready – Janurary 2000 – December 2014.  She was perhaps the sweetest animal I have ever owned, and was my companion and
friend for nearly 15 years.  I picked her up at 7 weeks of age, and though she didn’t turn out to be a field trial dog, she more than
made up for that.  Dr. Warren and all the staff at the clinic were so kind and attentive to us during her last days, and Dr. Warren
helped end her suffering with so much care and concern.


Dusty was a wonderful and loving cat! She had a nice long life – Sept 3/1993 to Jan 26/2010. Dusty was a brown tabby. We were
fortunate enough to have adopted her and her brother from the humane society. She wasn’t a lap cat and didn’t like being held too
much; but she loved to be brushed and loved to purr. As difficult as it was to let her go she is at peace and has been reunited with her
brother Stympey at the Rainbow Bridge whom we lost a very short time ago. Look after your brother and don’t let him boss you around
too much! Miss you always and Love you forever Dusty cat!
Stympey was an incredible and special pet! He was a CRF cat. He was a grey tabby in color. He lived a long life from Sept 3/1993 to
June 3/2011. How his name came to be is a long story. Stympey always welcomed a head rub or a long, deep massage, whichever
you had time for. He particulary loved to be scratched behind his ears or under his chin. He loved to sit on his condo and look out the
window. Most days when we would come home from work he would be waiting at the door for us. He has joined his sister Dusty at
the Rainbow Bridge. Try not to boss her around too much! Stymps you are gone but will never be forgotten! Miss you always and
Love you always!
This is our beautiful girl. Crick passed awayTues. Aug 19/2008. She was our sun, moon, and stars. She was the heart of our
home. Crick was our everything.The biggest and most loving heart, the most beautiful soul… and a razor sharp mind, … all in such
a small package.Mom and Dad miss you, Crick. Love to you, always.
 It was so sad to say goodbye to our little guy. Shelby passed away suddenly surrounded by his loving family. He will be dearly missed and
our days are not the same without him. His big brother Monte is especially missing him as he looks for him everywhere in the house.
Shelby was always such a curious and playful cat. He was always so full of boundless energy. He loved to chase his brother Monte and
they would both get so tired that they would snuggle cozily together on the stairs afterwards. Shelby had such vibrant green eyes and
when he wanted something it was so hard to say no to him when he gave us his “kitten look” with those big beautiful eyes. Shelby was
born on March 13, 2005 and died from HCM on June 26, 2015.We will be especially thinking of him on his birthday next month.
 In loving memory of Penny, Feb 10, 2003 to Jan 23, 2018. She lived a long, full life and will be dearly missed.