Adult Pet Wellness

Bringing your pet in for an annual physical examination is one of the most important things you can do to help keep him or her in optimal physical health. Since our pets are unable to tell us themselves when they aren’t feeling 100%, we rely heavily on a thorough examination and diagnostic testing to reveal any underlying issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. During a physical exam, we auscultate (listen to) the heart and lungs, palpate (feel) the abdominal organs, and visually examine the eyes, ears and teeth, and skin. Joints are palpated and manipulated for any signs of pain or discomfort. Weight and body condition are examined for weight gain or loss, and diet change and/or an exercise regimen may be recommended.

We use the opportunity of the annual examination to work with you to devise an appropriate vaccination schedule for your pet. Vaccination requirements may change based on lifestyle and habits of your cat or dog, all of which are thoroughly discussed during your appointment. Fecal testing is recommended yearly to check for parasites – this is especially important in households with very young, elderly, or immunocompromised family members, as these individuals are more susceptible to contracting these parasites from our pets. Wellness blood tests will be discussed in order to evaluate the function of your pet’s kidneys, liver, and other organs.