Cardiology (Heart)

Heart problems may affect your pet at any age, with problems ranging from congenital (a condition your pet is born with) to acquired (something that develops over time) to infectious (such as heartworm). Animals suffering from heart disease may exhibit signs of coughing, exercise intolerance or lethargy, while some patients may not show any outward signs at all.
Many heart problems can be identified on physical examination, specifically during auscultation (listening) of the heart and lungs and palpation (feeling) of pulses. Additional tests such as EKG (electrocardiogram), radiographs (x-rays) and an echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart) are often required to help accurately identify the specific cause of your pet’s heart disease. All of these diagnostic tests can be performed and interpreted within our hospital.
Although heart disease can be a serious, life threatening condition, early diagnosis and therapy can help extend your pet’s life.