Eye surgery may be necessary due to a variety of causes including trauma, breed related issues or chronic conditions. We perform a broad range of eye surgery at our hospital including:

  • Prolapsed third eyelid (“Cherry eye”) repair 
  • Eyelid surgeries to correct entropion/ectropion
  • Eyelid mass removal surgery – we can also perform minimally invasive cryotherapy on small masses
  • Grid keratotomy
  • Enucleation

Repair of “cherry eye” involves surgical replacement of the third eyelid gland. Certain breeds are prone to an inward rolling (entropion) or outward rolling (ectropion) eyelid which can cause pain, irritation and erosion of the surface of the eye (cornea) as a result of hair rubbing. Surgical correction allows the eyelid to sit appropriately and stops damage to the eye. It also reduces the chances of corneal scarring and enhances the animal’s vision in the long term. Squinting and tearing in your pet’s eyes can mean an infection is present or it may be a sign the cornea has been damaged. A damaged cornea may require a grid keratotomy to allow the cornea to heal. In cases where the eye has had severe trauma or chronic conditions that cannot be healed, enucleation (removal of the eye) is sometimes the best treatment.